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JC Straggle Mini Lure

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Very effective competition pattern from a slow glass to Di 7.

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Mini lures or mini flies for fly fishing are very effective for both brown trout and rainbox trout. They are attractor patterns and favoured by many rainbow trout fly fishing competitions. These mini lures for trout will work on any lakes or still water fly fishing. 

Mini lures come in a number of patterns. These mini lure patterns have been carefully selected by us to maximize your fly fishing experience.

Mini Lures are attractor patterns and competition favourites that will work on most still waters. It’s not just for rainbow trout but for brown trout too.


UniqueFlies nymph flies are made using the highest quality material and hooks. They are tied using our best quality hooks that money can buy. Each mini lure fly has been carefully inspected to ensure you will get the best angling experience from us!


"I have been asked by lots of customers over the past few years to produce the top lake fly patterns.
I have put together a range of flies that I and many of my close  (international) friends use. The hooks that they are tied on are the Hanak lake barbless, the Hanak 266 size 8 & 10 barbed black nickel and Kamasan Barbed. I have not tried to produce every lake fly under the sun but I have put together the patterns that have stood the test of time over the years.

I will be adding more of the lake range and small Stillwater patterns throughout the year, you have the opportunity to have the same fly in both barbed or barbless.
I hope one day that everyone will be using barbless hooks, this was my ambition when I first set up "Uniqueflies" five years ago, which many companies have tried to copy. Which can only be good for the fish and fly and fly fishing in general."

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