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NEW Fluorocarbon S-Power Tippet

https://www.uniqueflies.co.uk/home/462-fluorocarbon-100-s-power-tippet.htmlNew size for NEW Fluorocarbon S-Power Tippet. Now you can get the 8X as well!

NEW SIZE HANAK Competition Superlight Rod

Tungsten body beadsThe new Superlight 296 - 9'6" - #2 is now available!
Using the latest technology and materials combined with extra lightweight components (SIC ultra-trip guides, continuous titanium lugs RECOIL- made in USA) managed to reduce the weight of the rod approx.
30% (up to 30 g) in comparison conventional rods.

Size 18 Grey Body Klinkhammer

Size 18 Grey Body KlinkhammerNew size 18 is now available for Grey Body Klinkhammer on Hanak Klinkhammer hook. This dry fly that will catch on any river, anywhere.

Hanak Superlight 24

Hanak Superlight 24Ultra light reel produced by machine cut from 6061 grade air-aluminium bar stock in combination with stainless steel.
With extra sensitive drag enabling the use of very fine leaders.
Capacity and backing WF3 + 30 meters backing, weight = 69g.

Hanak Tungsten Body Beads

Tungsten body beads"Hanak Tungsten Beads + body" Three times heavier than tungsten round beads with the same diameter.

HANAK SLT Superlight Reel

HANAK SLT Superlight ReelThis reel is perfectly matched to the new superweight fly rod. It will provide perfect balance.